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Ten random things about me
1. i've always wanted to join a bible study about revelation. the end of times, prophecying, etc. has always excited me...
2. i have a really hard time keeping pets and plants alive.. :/
3. when i was in middle school, i used to change the color of my braces to match whatever holiday it was.
4. before lent, i've never gone more than a day for almost 7 years without my watch on. even through dances, weddings, and graduation.
5. i can't leave the house/my dorm without knowing how many degrees it is outside. thus, konfabulator widgets for weather.com, hehe.
6. i once stepped on a glue gun my soph. year of high school, and left a scar for months.
7. i get some sort of cut/wound/scar whenever i play hockey, starting freshmen year when i trippped over ivanlo's stick while practicing and scraped my elbow.
8. the presence of people i love comfort me like crazy. they don't even have to talk. or be conscious. just... being there is enough.
9. i love falling asleep while it's raining
10. i wear my backpack around with me everywhere... i think people recognize the backpack now more than they recognize me...

Nine places I've visited
1. beijing, china
2. toronto, canada
3. london, england
4. paris, france
5. cozumel, mexico
6. key west, florida
7. um.... ithaca new york!!
8. ....
9. wanna go somewhere? :)

Eight things i want to do before i die
1) worship God with my earthly family
2) memorize an entire book of the bible. (and not one of the short short letters... i want some meat, man.)
3) spend an entire day at museums/theme parks i loved when i was a kid (sea world, disneyworld, planetarium, aeronautical museum...)
4) meet up and pray with those who brought me to Christ
5) go on missions in china, in the region where i was born
6) see the cubs in the world series... and be at that game!!!
7) drive across the country into the weeest
8) be where Jesus was (physically)

seven ways to win my heart
1) love God waaay more than you love me
2) push, challenge, confront, and speak Truth into those around you, including my life with the love that God's placed in your heart
3) love me in a real, unconditional way, but strive more and more to be more after the God's heart
4) be an integral, not a derivative :P but for reals, being a man of integrity and of his word.
5) recognizes the talents God's placed in his heart, and just enjoys doing those things. there's nothing cooler than seeing someone live out what God's places in his life.
6) dance with me during worship, in church.. and well, anywhere :P no shame!
7) be able to be still with me, simply in awe of the amazement of what an Artist our God is.

six things i believe in
1) the reality of sin
2) a good, loving, merciful God despite our sin
3) compassion
4) justice... God's justice.
5) redemption on the Cross
6) the power of God working in those around me, and those back home in an everyday, real way.

five things im afraid of
1) not seeing my family come to know Christ
2) being comfortable
3) being afraid of God's gifts
4) drastic change in situations, relationships, and circumstance
5) spiritual warfare

four of my favorite items in my bedroom
1) my worn, navy blue leather bible
2) the teddy bear my grandpa gave me to comfort me while i was in china 'cause i was homesick.. 6 or 7 years ago?
3) my journal (and retired versions of such)
4) this picture i have of my mom, dad and i from waaaay back when... taken in canada, in this old worm frame i found when i was ten.

three things i do everyday
1) mess up.... then reminded of how big our God is :P
2) check the time
3) smile... laugh, dance, sneeze, hiccup, one of the above hehe

two things im trying not to do right now
1) worry
2) focus on the micro and not macro

one person i want to see now
1) hmm.. well, you know the answer, right? =]

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