light up

The red blinked innocently, like it did most nights after his 10-hour shifts at the office. He pressed the Play button without thinking, dropping his keys in the holder next to the machine and proceeded to the kitchen.

"*beep* Henry! No time to give your mother a call? How's the new job? Call mommy back!"

He chuckled to himself, and opened the fridge.

" *beep* Hey man, it's Tom. Don't forget to print out the songsheets for this Friday, okay? We're doing that new song from retreat. Hmm... okay, I guess that's it, later then."

Picking up his pen, he jotted down 'Print songsheets' on a little post-it on the fridge. He continued to rummage through the fridge when he heard it. When he heard her.

" *beep* I'm going to China this summer."

Almost rehearsed, he stopped in his step as the voice on the machine hesitated.

"...remember how we always talked about missions? I guess it's finally happening... God's been so good. I wish I could tell you. Well, heh, I guess that's what I'm doing now. I thought about calling you earlier, ... maybe a few weeks ago. I guess I thought it'd be too awkward... heh, like I guess it is now. I'm going to China this summer to teach English, and I wanted you to know... I know that we haven't really kept in touch after high school, but... yeah, I guess I just wanted to let you know. How.. how have you been? I actually thought about you the other day -- remember that song you played for me on the phone? The one in that movie I liked so much? Haha, and how you refused to sing 'cause --"

He realized that he had been holding his breath when the message came to a halt.

" *beep* Oops, I guess you can only talk so much on these things... heh, sorry. Anyway, um.. yeah, just wanted to let you know. I'll... see you around, I guess.... bye."

"*beep* End of messages."

The house was enveloped in a cool silence as the remnants of her voice echoed in his heart. It was times like those where a time was needed to be still, remember, and embrace things... people, long forgotten in the past.

//even if you cannot hear my voice
i'll be right beside you dear

sometimes, on nights like these
i'll think about you
and i wonder where God's led you after all these years...

You're waiting for someone
To put you together
You're waiting for someone to push you away
There's always another wound to discover
There's always something more you wish he'd say
// vertical horizon, everything you want

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