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sharing from two cornell alum, both out on cali campuses now (usc and ucla) doing ministry. vset, missions, and a desire to get out of this piety and to make faith into something real.

fundraising auction -- dinners, photos, and high-rolling bids =]

a night of gratitude.
thanks for the roses
thanks for the video
and thanks for the night.

the guys at gcf ended up surprising the girls with a sister-appreciation thing at the end of the night, with flowers, videos, and just... an expression of their gratitude that made me feel like.. wow, God... this is Family. one of the most touching sharing from a freshman in the video --

"whenever i think about the gcf girls, i think about grace and beauty. it seems very obvious cause we're called grace christian fellowship, but just.. the grace, and the things that they say, how they say things, and just the way they act everyday.. they're just overflowing with beauty, whenever they smile -- and even when they don't smile, it's just such a pleasure to see the beauty overflowing from their hearts. it's such an awe to be able to call them my sisters, and to be a brother to them... i'm so thankful for them."

he asked me last semester for me to let the guys love us.
thanks for pushing us,.. me, towards that, bro.

thanks to our Dad who gives us this love, and the overflow of His love onto His children.

add a thought?
:) reading that makes me feel warm and fuzzy. im so happy you found a fellowship like that, love. keep growing and being stretched, especially as God prepares you for spring break! <3
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