when does obsession

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become obnoxious?

we all know the people. maybe it's after a spiritual high, or a camp, or some sort of life-startling conviction from God. maybe it's because suddenly you realize what a dire need your school, workplace, or family needs Jesus. needs grace, salvation.

and that's not bad. in fact, that's good -- it's what this world needs more of. people who realize the extent of our sinful nature and just how much we need to convey that to the rest of the world.

but when does obsession become obnoxious?

i have to confess, sometimes it's the people who are most "on fire" for God that frustrate me. years of complaints from non-Christian friends have developed an increased intolerance for those who preach God's word on an daily basis - yet fail to live out His love. for those who want to see Jesus' work on earth -- and believe me, i understand. i want that to. but by telling people they're going to hell without His love is not the way. by obnoxiously rubbing it into other people's faces, using christian jargon like redemption, salvation, faith and good works, is useless.

it's one thing to boast in our weaknesses... and it's another to boast in general.

it's exactly like talking about light to people who have been locked up in a dark room all their lives. even if it's the most amazing thing -- and when we talk about Jesus, He is -- they're not going to understand.

one thing i love about reading about Jesus' ministry in the gospels is how He goes to the people. to those in the dark rooms, He brings light to them -- He doesn't condemn them. He doesn't throw the first rock. and if that's all we do, then... we've still got a lot to learn about His kingdom.

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