through the night

jars of clay . fly

I saw a host of silent angels
Waiting on their own
Knowing that all the promises
Of faith come alive
When you see home
Hold still and let your hand melt into mine

Shed your heart and your breath
And your pain and fly
Now your alive

last night, for the first time since camp, i deliberately sat with God for a prolonged period of time. and out came 7 pages in my journal, an outburst of crying out to God, and the fulfillment of His promise.

sigh... God is so strong.

on the last day of summercamp, when everyone else was at lunch and/or packing, i saw near the music equipment and wrote this ---

i took the road less traveled. and it has made all the difference.
... i feel alive. not just this moment. but i feel alive.
i feel like i'm breathing. i'm tired. i'm so sinful.
i'm not wanting to meet with the senior girls later. but i'm feeling freed.
realistically... human.
my eyes are open
i feel

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