for you... o Lord... have delivered my soul from death
my eyes from tears
my feet from stumbling
ps. 116:8

sometimes, i need to pause... - and let God be God in situations. i know that i can do nothing more than care, ask, and pray. but somehow, the pride inside of me screams more. when i hear that something between two friends has gone wrong, my first instinct is to talk to both of them and find out whats wrong. when you tell me you're struggling with something, i want to perscibe the ailment and fix it... though sometimes, often, that sickness is sin.

who am i to save anyone of sin?

i desperately want to fix this for you. for you. and for you. i'm desperate for something -- anything, that will fix, resolve, convict, ... lift out of this disgusting mess we create for ourselves.

his name is Jesus.
only Savior.

my dreams these past 24 hours have been haunted by those thoughts. i woke up this morning around 11 to the violent pattering of leaves, water, debris against my window -- not the gentle patterings of a hopeful rain. and i just woke up after a nap, distraught of the violence flowing in my subconscious.

sometimes, i just.. don't know what to do.

// i love the Lord.... for he heard my voice; he heard y cry for mercy. because he turned his ear to me.. i will call on him as long as i live. ps. 116:1

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