oddly fitting

hillsong . sing

i woke up around 8, fell back asleep, and dreamed.

it was odd, yet fitting. the dream was in a series of letters, emails, voices. i think your brother was giving a sermon about one critical flaw in the asian american community - our own laziness.

we're not lazy because of indolence or an unwillingness to work... in fact, in the means of good works, we can be just the opposite. eager to volunteer, clean, babysit, do this or that charity, raise money. we, as asican americans, are lazy in the sense of an unwillingness to show, ineptitude of act out in. we're lazy in love.

you spoke, wrote about how as brothers and sisters in Christ, we're too lazy to show that we love each other. we can show that we can serve each other, pray for each other, but... when it comes to knowing and showing that we love each other, we're lazy.

and somehow, that seems oddly fitting.

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