let us let

hillsong . open up the heavens

have you ever seen glory falling?

one thing about gravity is that it's the natural way things are. the heavier something is, the more force there is attracting things to it. thus, something like the earth -- a decent amount of gravitational force. something like the sun, a whole lot more mass = a whole lot more gravitational force.

something -- someone like Jesus?
yeah. a whole lotta weight. a whole lotta glory to fall.

and it's how things are supposed to be. things on earth don't fall upwards -- they have a natural tendency to fall down.

how often do we hinder the glory of God on earth? in our classes, hallways, families... lives?

// open up the heavens.. and let Your glory fall

today was the first day of classes. i kept thinking about how i didn't want to be that person who hung out w/christians, ate with christians, went to felly dinner, and ... missed the point

so i went to econ, sat down... and 5 minutes later, lo and behold was one of my old chem partners (he dropped the class later on).

"wait, what major are you again?"
"engineering physics.. concentrating in astrophysics."
"mm... see you at NASA then?"
" ..... yeah =]"

i hope my dreams remain God-sized.

and for the rest of the day, i found myself sitting with, talking with people who were nonchristian. i stopped by a lunch gathering, but then left out of that discomfort of such a huge group of asian christians gathering. when i had a free hour between math and astro, i found myself at Sage.. reading through isaiah, and prompted to pray for those around me, those in my life back home who i'm worried crazy over, but should .. need to, surrender to God. those here who i am walking with, journeying with.

man. there's so much.

the sky is beautiful outside. i wish you could see it.

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