i think it's a feeling of home, comfort, familiarity, that hasn't yet been developed at school yet. and maybe for the first time, i'm really going to miss it when i go back to cornell.

it's because i smile whenever people just hang around a dunkin donuts at 11:00 at night after a prayer meeting. it's because i look around an empty basement at living water and know that in a half an hour, it's doing to be drenched with prayer. it's because while God has set eternity in the hearts of men -- and in the hearts of me and you, He couldn't help but set a sense of longing to see His work done in His church in this yg.

or maybe it's because i sit here, an hour before my ride comes to take me to the airport. looking at my feeble attempt to pack everything i've received into the same suitcase i came in. but i know i'm leaving with more. i'm leaving with a sense of Home....

and maybe i should remember that and embrace it -- not miss it.

// sigh, i love you guys like crazy.

add a thought?
dearest. we heart you too.
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