dcb . undignified

it's like you said on wednesday.... when we fall in love with Jesus first, all the other things seem to fall in place.

one thing i love about blue like jazz (the book i'm falling in love right now) is that donald miller, the author, finds truth in the people who are absolutely in love with Jesus. it's not those who try to sell the gospel, or talk about Him by mentioning costs and benefits.... but really, those who talk about Jesus like He is their best friend, someone who they've just had a conversation with.

with that said, i'm so.. excited/unsure/encouraged/scared/giddy that i got to talk about Jesus, church, and prayer like that with my suitemates, friends in my classes this past week. i think i've only hung out w/people from my fellowship once since felly dinner.

*content sigh*

im starting to realize that passion isn't just an emotion, it's a mentality. and i'm so thankful that He's giving me glimpses of what it means for His love to truly hold our whole lives in his hands.

//its all for YOU my God

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