beauty that beckons

passion . here i am to worship

two of my suitemates came to church with me today.

... thank You, Daddy, for working in their hearts. thank You for being there, convicting them, showing me how much of this is from YOU, for YOU.... and not for me.

i feel like these past two days, You've shown me a little bit of what You hope for this semester, at school, in my fellowship... in my heart. and though i'm still holding on to way too much from home, i know You'll keep showing more of Yourself.

do we ever really understand the cost?
no... -- regardless
we worship.

i'm off... to the freshmen prayer meeting. sharing a passage from mark 6. a passage studied so many times with those back home.... and now, with the people i'm ministering with.... funny how You work like that.

simply wonderful


so tonight at prayer mtg.. we were sharing about our breaks and what God was doing. and somehow the topic of... playing offensive for God came up, how as Christians we're always playing the defensive.. we go to class, sit with christians, eat lunch w/christians, go to prayer mtg, go to felly dinner, study w/christians, then pray that God will help us reach out to our non-christian friends.

and thats exactly the problem, and i'm so glad we got it out in the open. im so thankful we got to pray for it, through it, and hopefully... really learn the true meaning of ministry.

God answers prayers, yo.

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