all the colors of the street signs

hillsong united . awesome God


lincoln service a tad late, burger king, car rides and conversations, willowbrook, afternoon service, baptism, dunked, testimony, prayer, congratulations, cards, flowers, hugs, smiles, home, shower, jekalin's, chicago skyline, house of sushi, tea leaf, pineapples, jerry's apartment, unknown, fallout boy, then home.

it's as if you were to take all the colors of normality and paint them onto a canvas of future. greens for the peacefulness shared with Family. yellows for the joys and laughters, from the ungraceful elders to celebration. pinks for the delicate yet fervent bond of sisterhood and support throughout the years. whites for that holiness -- rightness of relationship with each other, with the Father. and blues..... blues for hope.

and you'd think that it wouldn't mesh well.... but it turns out to be beautiful.

our God really is an awesome God.

from the first time i heard this song in the summer camp '01 recap video... to now, sitting, waiting again for God to still work in my family despite discouragements...

there's still blue.

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