two worlds

the last two times my mom called, she's constantly reminding me to focus on schoolwork. she asks if i regret not going to uiuc. she tells me how much money i could've saved if i went to uiuc. and again and again.. from her and my dad... not to spend time at church.

a friend asked me last night how i was doing with God at Cornell, and wow. i felt like there was too much to be said, and if i tried it'd take me more time than i had. in the here and now, more than ever, God's been so real. He's real in the worship during small groups on campus, during the Sunday night prayer meetings, during talks with my suitemates, chats about religion in my room, church, friends i have class with. He's been so integrated in every part of my life....

... except for home life. which i'm constantly reminded of by my mom. because it doesn't feel like God's working there....

maybe this is impetus for me to pray for my parents more. to keep praying for their salvation, for them to know God more like i've know Him here. i'm almost bursting to tell my friend last night about how great our God is in ithaca, but when it comes to my mom..? :/ it's so easy to press on here and not want to return to a home away from Home where only arguments ensue.

impetus to pray,
impetus to pray.

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