it really bothers me when people who i know are living separate lives post things on xangas or something of sort proclaming how godly they are. this being said, i do know that i need a dump truck for all the emotional and spiritual junk i carry around.. but where do we draw the line?

if we see a sister or brother doing wrong, and we fail to warn them because we feel we're also too hypocritical... isn't that tolerating sin? aren't we feeding that which we are trying to escape? are we to keep sinning so that grace may increase?


though we're all hypocrites.. we're all sinners... we're also supposed to be refining each other. yes, i am a sinner. just as bad as you. but i pray, hope in the hope that He promises doesn't fail that God can being good things out of situations like these.

man.. what a week indeed.
p r e s s i n g o n

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