it's funny, really. i thought this could be a new semester. new people, new enviornment, new beginnings. but things never really do change.. sometimes, you're past catches up with you in ways i never thought possible. 'cause after a while... those same past struggles that i thought i left in past reemerge.

and i wonder how going home will be like in the midst of all that.

snapshots of the weekend --
all my life, JC and jojo, flowers on a friday night, learning fills, leftover pizza, thoughts about a frat party, eat dessert first, harry potter, cornell sweatshirts, chicken sandwiches, sharing, girls' night, prayer, taboo, my sassy (aka sappy) girl, coming home to find flowers taped on my door, and thoughts.

i realized that the last complete book of substance i read was Speak. so now i'm reading deception point. it's about nasa. i always wanted to work for nasa. i wonder if i will someday.....

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