be still

and know He's God.

to know that He's God of all
no matter what's going on in life

freshman drama, which, it feels weird to be on the fringes of. on one hand, i'm quite relieved not to be involved in any sort of dramatic matters..

but can this really be categorized as 'drama' anymore? it's not high school anymore. how do you confront sin like this...?


i've been feeling like recently, i haven't spent alone time with God. the 20-minute walk to the engineering quad with white headphones plugging out the world isn't exactly alone time with God. so today, in the hour after my chem lab and before your surprise birthday party, i found a corner in gs and sat. sat with You, tried to listen to You, read Romans 8, which was a really good reminder of what we hope for, long for.

a big part of me wants to grab all the freshmen and just pray for our class, our generation. there's too much sin to not go unrecognized.

who ever said things would be easier in college? =/

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