hmm... so what's been happening?

oooo... pretty :) congrats once again to mr. and mrs. wu!
hello mr. salmon... too bad you ended up in my tummy.
then for the past week.. i was in williamsburg, VA for my little brother's US Kids Golf World Championship.
look, there he is, putting away :D
there were also a lot of pineapples in virginia... many, many pineapples.

*shakes head vigorously*
.. *hugs coffeecup*

then... we traveled through time! (aka went through a tunnel) to visit Jamestown, Yorktown (the battle fields), and colonial Williamsburg.

then to Washington DC after my brother's tournament was over, and to the National Air and Space museum. (this is my background right now) sigh. if i had wings...

the spiriling galaxy looks like my thoughts from the entire trip... which included chess, God's kingdom, callings, future/college/majors, smoking, airports, lakes, and the various.. i should go get a new sketchbook to write them all down in.

all in all, it's been a pretty eventful past week... and while it's nice being by myself for a bit, i need to learn to seek company in the form of people again. maybe i'll go outside today...

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