taken away

Cause on a night like tonight
You bring me to life
And remind me there’s another side of day
Where I will see all that You are
More than a sky full of stars
And the worries of this world will fall away
On the other side of day

because there's something so clear about the nighttime. when the things of the day slowly come into focus, pinpointing our lives and our hopes onto the only One that remains faithful through it all.

i was looking through old photos... after a week that has been frustrating and tiring tumbled into a ball of stress. and was reminded of how much joy has been given these past four years through the faces that God's put in my life. that He's not only the crafter of our lives, but the delicate webs that make up our influences.. through the imperfections, misunderstandings, and it all - He remains in charge.

maybe that's why i'm feeling oddly not-worried about leaving for college. about leaving this group i've come to call Family. i can't trust myself and my abilities to continuously seek fellowship, form new relationships or even maintain older ones. but that's why we need You, isn't it? when we can't do things on our own...

so that's where my Hope is. where my Trust is in.
because You're more than a night full of stars.

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