rain down

hi. my name is wendy.

i went running while it was thunderstorming this morning. in the torrents of rain.
so now

take away the dress from the wedding yesterday
take away the curling iron
the hair spray
the bobby pins

take off the necklace and replace it with a faded WWJD bracelet
remove the pearls and leave my ears bare
let the perfume fade away and put my watch back on
take the high heels off and slip on a pair of flip flops

splash away the eyeliner
blush, eyeshadow, lip gloss
other forms of makeup i can't identify
pick off the 6 coats of nail polish
the nicely manicured tips

wash away my pride
the quantities of serving
my critical self
my hypocritical self
my sinful self

and you'll find me
bent down in the rain, singing rain down at the top of her lungs
feeling washed away by His cleansings flood

yet someone who doesn't know what to do in her present
where to store her past
or what to fear (or rejoice in) for the future
someone who makes mistakes, creates messes, breaks things with clumsy hands
... more often than not

you'll find myself when i'm real
a girl simply longing to be held by her Father

... hi. my name is wendy.

add a thought?
My goodness...that was absolutely beautiful :)
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