CCMC Worship - Let Your Glory Fall

Listening to this song brings back old memories... images of old leaders that God's moved in and out of my life, people, struggles (some the same, some radically different), memories, laughs, tears, joys, pains, wisdom,... all things. Especially after the (successful? =]) Leader's Appreciation Night last Saturday, I'm realizing how deeply grateful I am for this Family. How it's only by His grace alone that I could've finally said yes to the girls urging me to come to coffeehouse, ygfriday, or to "meet THAT guy!" back four and some years ago.

I woke up yesterday with the thought of, "I want to spend time with You, God." in my mind. So... did just that, reading through Hebrews 10 and a call to perservere.

v. 32 Remember those earlier days after you had received the light, when you stood your ground in a great contest in the face of suffering...

And next year, at Cornell, it'll be the same. The disillusionment that it'll be one big SummerCamp is quickly shattered, but in its place is coming a sense of... peace. Received my rooming assignment after doing 3 hours of Chemistry o_O then went to go take Princess (the black lab i'm dog-sitting) for a walk, then watched a few episodes of Friends while journalling at her house. Came back... Home Run Derby (Yeah Abreu :D) then..

... I proceeded to plan out the first two weeks at Cornell. Memories to bring, things to pack, shoes to sort through, events to attend, ice cream socials, Asian BBQs... and the fellowships I've been looking at. There's so much to do that I'm afraid I won't get to it all... but at least I have people to do them with :) After being a little bummed about getting a single room, and reassurance from Cornellians that it'd be nice to have alone-time, and looking up floor plans for Low Rise 6 (it's REALLY cool!!) ... feeling better about it.

Maybe I'm getting ahead of myself... the present has become a movie I've started to watch while taking a backseat, even though the most "exciting" things are yet to come. I should stop getting ahead of myself...

Wow that's been one of the longest and most coherent posts I've written in a while.... hmm...

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wouldn't it be cool to be named Cornelius and go to Cornell and be a Cornellian?
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