flying through

i'm listening to a demo cd from various bands at my (old) school... remembering when i first got your demo in apush, your concert that i missed on my birthday, and finally listening to you guys play during 24 hour relay and being utterly wowed by how much talent a couple of high school guys had.

the last few months of high school flew past - like i was chained to a director's chain while watching a scene haphazardly fly past me. and honestly looking back... and after passing by a Devil Hogs bumper sticker while running last night, i realized - i'm going to miss high school. i'm going to miss all the preppiness, the "we're SO the people from mean girls" comments, the sea of red, white and black every friday, senior dress up days that i would usually be too lazy to participate in, the labtops in every classroom that remind us that we do indeed live in hinsdale...

... but i will miss it.

add a thought?
wow so it's not only people at my school who say they're the people from mean girls eh?

high school people will miss you.
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