Chris Tomlin - Overflow

... and in the morning, it's always a surprise to hit the little back button and see what song was playing on my iPod the night before when I fall asleep. Last night, it was Overflow.

I really love this song.

Maybe it's because it's a song of the heart. Someone so wholly indebted to our Father who composes these notes and lines, trying to pay back, trying to explain, trying to understand who He is, what He's done, and realizing that we can never truly pay back, and trying to express every grain of gratitude would be too difficult and ineloquently stumbling over words and melodies until in some sort of exasperated, joyful defeat -

where would I be without You?

with hands thrown up in some sort of beautiful surrender, trusting.

and in the morning, things seem so clear.


Today, I go to school with my blue NIV, an old songbook, and my faith.
... *bites lip*
rememebering what it means to be bold

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