For the Moments I Feel Faint - Relient K

there's something freeing in waking up at 4:45 and running outside in pjs, without contacts in, dizzily taking in the sunrise, breathing in Your peace.


gather my insufficiencies and
place them in Your hands
place them in Your hands
place them in Your hands


oh and our own quotes! hehe

"Hmm.. what's that long, winding road... oh SHOOT that's the highway!!"

"Uhh... hello! where... do you live?"
"Oh... um, turn right at the fire station."
"Is that a fire station? Or a church?"
"*squints eyes while passing building* It's a fire... protection building -_-"

"Ahh turn there to make a U-turn!"
"Okay... wait, are we allowed in? Is that a gate?"
"Sure, it's the... Hindu Temple of the Greater Chicagoland Area??"

"What's this?"
"To help you study!"
"... I don't study."

"Studying hard for your finals tomorrow?"
"... I was sleeping...."
"Er... what about your brother?"
"... He's playing video games."

"Are you sure this is where she lives?"
"Sure... it says right here, 642."
"... that's 8642."
"... what?? there's no 86th floor!"

"Mmk.. what road do I turn on now?"
"Um. Lemon."
".... you mean Lemont?"
"... yes!"

"Are there supposed to be this many trees? I feel like we're in a forest preserve.."
"I feel like we're in North Carolina!"


mmm... i really want to go downtown to the plantarium at night one day... or since it closes at 6, sit on the thin walkway outside the planetarium, waves crashing, wind singing, and stars falling all for one night where you

add a thought?
Hindu Temple of Greater Chicago!!! O.O

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