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Chris Tomlin - This is Our God

I've had APs for the past two weeks. Calc BC, Eng. Lit, Span. Lang, Psych, and Physics C. But now that they're over... I'm quite the happy senior =) (Also having discovered a new fav. drink at Starbucks - Mint Java Chip Fraps!!)

... this is trying to study for calc.

School's a lot more low-key now. Wandering the halls, reading Wuthering Heights, The Power and the Glory, Stephen Hawkin's Theory for Everything, and Surely You're Joking, Mr. Feynman! in the next three weeks.

.... this is school.

Watched a few hours of badminton today in the stuffy gyms of DGN.

... this is state.

Had my first official meeting with Mr. A, Attorney at Law today. Was slightly intimidated as I saw through a meeting with him and his first client, as so eloquently expressed with.. "That was so weird!" Going to court at the Courthouse in Wheaton all Tuesday morning to follow him through his cases, then sitting in during a trial that afternoon.

I never wanted to go into full-fledged law because I was so scared of having to represent the "bad guys." What would I do if I had to argue the case for someone I knew was guilty?

As Mr. A told me right before the meeting with the first client ... "Get ready to meet your first criminal!" but then more seriously....

"These people you meet... they aren't bad. They've made mistakes. They've done through struggles and have been punished. The world isn't always black and white... but what I do, is try to give them a break."

.... this is mercy.

A fluster of things to do and such before church, finally resulting in a couple of weary, worn out people collapsing in each others prayers and arms shortly after the church doors were unlocked. Was amazingly humbled by a few brothers and sisters... letting down our guards and lifting each other up during a week that.... _____. But You know our pains, Dad.

And the warmest encouragement of the night -- After I heard you pray... wow. I never knew you were such a godly woman.

.. thanks bro =)

... this is Family.
(aka Herbert's two cousins, and Hawaiian style Teriyaki sauce.)


tonight was so hard.but a night where things were let go. we came in stumbling and grasping for some degree of certainty in our lives, and found it to be nowhere, in noone but You. worship running freely from our hearts, pushing aside all the things holding us down... making us free in You and You alone.

... this is grace. this is love. this is our GOD

this is who You are.

a father to the orphan
a healer to the broken
this is our God
and he brings peace to our madness
and comfort in our sadness

this is the one we have waited for.

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