Yiruma - Rivers Flows In You

In physics lately, we've been watching this movie that searches for a Theory of Everything. That is, a couple of scientists trying to come up with one equation, one theory, that's able to explain the major four forces in the universe: Gravitation, Electricity&Magnetism, Strong Nuclear, and Weak Nuclear. Einstein spent the better part of his life trying to do so, leaving his work incomplete. But they're getting close.

String Theory. and what this says is that inside every piece of matter, inside every atom, every electron/neutron/proton, every quark, lies millions of little strings of energy. And much like the strings on a violin or cello or guitar, they vibrate at the exact frequency at which whatever its made of should vibrates.... aka the strings of an electron vibrates at a different frequency as a proton.

And so the entire universe is filled with music. That it's the symphony of the galaxy within these little strings, vibrating to complement each other in the most beautiful way that makes this one miniscule object. It's like a symphony orchestra, except with a google times more strings. Yet they all come together....

Maybe this is what David keeps referring to in Psalms. As a director of Music, could this be part of Your hand directing an orchestra far greater than we can imagine..?

Wow. Your creation is beautiful =)

click to make bigger. it's my desktop right now =)

I wonder how angry my parents would get if I told them I wanted to switch to Aeronautical Engineering..

Anyway... this week's the last full week of school. Went to a math banquet yesterday and got a lovely bust of Gauss (my mom thinks he's ugly). Almost done with the Power and the Glory, about 1/3 done with Mr. Feynman, and I should really start Stephen Hawking's Quest for a Theory of Everything.

but as for now, i just want to run outside the moment the sun starts sinks from the sky and listen to this song and gaze into Your creation, embraced by the symphony and comfort of Your stars.

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