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Daphne Loves Derby - Midnight Highway

She fingered the worn down edges of the 100-page sketchbook, closing its savored pages one last time. Sighing one last time as a tribute to her closed journal, she turned around the Mystery Paperbacks as she made way for the cash register.

"... Hi."

And it was him, standing next to that ridiculous life-size poster of Dan Brown. "Oh... I didn't expect to see you here." She shifted uncomfortably, staring at the dropped, open sketchbook now at her feet.

"... I'm sorry. Here, let me help you.." Bending down, the messy black scrawls started to form sentences on the off-white sheets. The left side of the open pages was completely blank except for a few words: June 21st... =)

He bit his lip before speaking. "You remembered.

"Oh." She bent down, careful not to be too close to him, her eyes darting down at the open page. Those two words bringing back a flood of memories and emotions pierced air-conditioned air of Barnes and Nobles.

"I'm starting a new journal now," she felt the need to tell him, placing the leatherbound black journal on top of the now closed fading green one.

He slowly shook his head. "No..."


"Our pages are never closed."

So go past the lights and all the excuses
You could have left "sincerely yours"
Don't you think it's obvious that I want to say more?
Cause anything too daring to say to you,
Will be said in this letter, then burned away
So you never realize, I'm here

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