high of 75

instead of partaking in what others call.. "school".. i was in Wheaton today for a series of cases and such, (the last one which is moved til tomorrow since the defendant didn't show up). i met a drug addict, a drug dealer, a couple of underage drunk drivers, and saw but didn't meet armed robbers.

all in all the enviornment was... so informal. i was expecting some veronica-mars-like procedures, but turns out in between cases, the police officers and judges and clerks all joke around and laugh o_o it was all very strange, but in a good way.

since the last case was moved, i had some time to kill before heading home, so wandered around downtown wheaton. finally found out where danada was, and realized that wheaton has a lot of trees... and these really cool vintage streetlights. what a quaint little town =)

drove back with music blasting in high-70s weather, with the dreading thought that tomorrow.. i'll have to go back to high school ><

add a thought?
oh high school. -_-
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