Howie Day - Collide

the sky looks gray sometimes... until it turns a piercing shade of blue without any inclination that the clouds have moved...

i noticed driving home from prayer meeting on wednesday how many power lines were on 63rd street. there are many... hidden amongst the branches of the many, leafy trees hugging the pavement. except at night, they look like they're suffocating them.

how does one measure worth?

i had a doctor's appt today and had to get a shot. it still stings and bit and i think i'm feeling the aftereffects now.

it's strange how people change. after years, months... even weeks. completely different. i guess that's how it goes. i can deal.

.... do not merely listen to the Word... do what it says.

hmm and i have a headache now so i think i'll go to sleep and prepare for the 24-hour relay challenge tomorrow...

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