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I had this thought today while staring at the fax from the realtors in San Diego that I really missed California.
Then I thought about how I really missed Ithaca.
Then I thought... maybe I just miss anywhere that's not here.

I'm torn between wanting to get out of here as fast as I can, in between reading what is needed for orientation and such, to patiently waiting through the summer. But maybe I'm idealizing Itaca. To a place where there is much much much less drama. Where things can be started new and I'm not


Man, I can't wait to get out of here. I'm half tempted to tell my mom I don't want to come home for Thanksgiving. That I really don't want to come back to


The line that kept repeating itself through my head last night while drifting in and out of sleep..

we'll never get this right
i'm sorry i
even tried
i was a fool
to have hope
in you.

add a thought?
you better come visit me whenever you can.

i'll be so desolate without my x..
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