to live is to feel

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and it'd be foolish to hide from all those emotions.

to live is to feel, and to feel is to be human. to claim the barrels of emotions, the ups, the downs, the joy and the pain, the comfort and the disappointment, the emotions that come crashing down like waves that make the human heart.. oh so very human.

and i guess it's these valleys that show us how high the mountains really are. these storms that show us how big God really is. these places of dark and coldness to remind us of Your light.. Your warmth. from times like this afternoon, jumping around an empty house with songs like Better Than Life and O Praise Him blasting. or like last night.. when a single crack breaks a seemingly perfect mask. from lifting sisters up for healing to making fun of brothers and the "women" they meet over dinner. from conversations like these, that bring what feels like a contagious smile to my face:

me: i stand before You, Lord
me: and give You alll my praise
brother: my life belongs to You
me: You gave Your life fooor me
me: Your grace is all I neeed, Jesus You're all i need
brother: hold me in Your arms
brother: never let me goooo
me: i wanna spend eternity with You!
me: and noooow that You're near
me: everything is different
me: everything's so different, Lord
brother: i know im not the same
me: my life You've changed
me: i wanna be with You
brother: i wanna be with YOU

to conversations that... break.

but as You've shown us, Dad. there will be storms. and though it was hard seeing and driving through yesterday's downpour... there's hope today. after the storm.... comes the sun.

add a thought?
and a rainbow.
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