rise up

She could only hear voices. A symphony of voices that rang chaos through around her, through her, in her. Tumbling over the sins of her own life, she ran towards the ambiguity where there was no right nor wrong. Towards a simpler time in life where the only voice she could hear was her Father's - the only voice that mattered, the same voice she longed to hear once more.


She heard it. Enveloped in the voice of a sister's, she heard His voice. The grays slowly sharpened into the faces of a brother and sister from church - they found her.

'.. Hi.'

'You need to stop running.'

She bit her lip. 'I don't want to.'

Her sister reached out for her, with a wisdom in her eyes that went far beyond her years. 'You need to speak the truth. You know what it is...'

'... I don't know if I can'

'It's okay. Speak.

...Rise up.'

She woke up with a sudden jerk, gasping in the breath of the real, morning air. The same, distant voice echoed in her mind.. Rise.

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