in the stillness

Chris Tomlin - Overflow

this song came on my ipod last night while i was trying to fall asleep. last night, i realized while listening to an all american rejects song that specific songs hold really strong memories for me.. and perhaps the strongest memory i have attached to this song is of you.

we were sitting in one of the last pews of the sanctuary on a friday night after small group. everyone outside was chattering, laughing, but the sound was all muffled when the door was closed. the front lights were dimmed on account of it being so late.

it was the first time we talked in person for a long time.

it was hard to get the words out. and we sat. on that pew, in an awkwardly full silence.

then mahko came in, gathering up worship -- now music -- team stuff, and sat down at the piano, and began to play overflow. that's when i couldn't keep the tears inside anymore. thats when you told me that you believed in love... that everything would be okay. and that's when i gave you the last bits of trust that i had after everything we went through.


God has lead us pretty far from then... huh?

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