for Your glory

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... You made me beautiful. it's always been easy believing that God loves the whole world. but that He loves me? sin-infested me? that he's known every lie i've told, every emotion i've hidden, every person i've hurt.... and He still came? He still came... for me?

And by Your blood that washed over me
By Your grace that came down to kiss me
You have cleaned my heart and my soul
For Your glory You made me
Made me beautiful

Giver of grace, filler of souls, anointed One
bring Your healing upon us

... don't let me hesitate

"did you watch the game last night?"

"no, i had to drop megan off at swimming... i listened to the first 5 innings, then stopped during after the 5th inning when they dropped behind 5-3."

"me too.. i stopped watching after the 7th inning. it became hard to watch =/ they ended up losing!..."

"what's so bad about losing?"

"they're 1-1 now..."

"you know, i predicted they would... they were bound to lose sometime =P"

thank You for conversations with teachers like these... just hanging around an empty classroom with Cubs posters and banners all over the room during a stressful 10th period. for reminders that... baseball teams lose. "you win some, you lose some." and even if you're like me (and hopefully not the cubs this year) and you lose a lot... this is what makes us human. thanks for blessed minutes like these to see teachers as people... for that day a few weeks ago, talking with my old writing center teacher about poetry, california and life in general. i'm getting a little excited about touchdown the bear...

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