deceiving skies

Mercyme - Breathe

sometimes i like these days of withdrawal. where i'm allowed to be by myself, away from the world and all the hurt that it encompasses. there's a lot of time to think and reflect. and pray. can't forget prayer.

and i guess it finally hits, after i mailed back the cornell letter and the $400 deposit -- i won't be here. orientation starts august 19th. this year has been a whirlwind of emotions and revelations and junk and praises and songs and stories and... in a month, i graduate.


trying to remember 1 peter again, especially when it first convicted me a few months ago. what it means to travel alongside with a Family. and thanks especially to you guys last night for thinking of me while i was at home. i wish i could've been there too... but there will be other nights, other basements.

it is spiritual warfare. and when we start getting caught up in things with each other, it becomes difficult to look up. when we start getting ensnared by the sin we so long to rid ourselves of...

there is a holy longing, despite all the mistakes and sins that we as humans are bound to make... set it free. let it FLY.

i'm desperate for You.

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