cheap beans

Sonicflood - Carried Away

i woke up listening to this song. about three hours before school started. because you're not a cheap bean, you're a lovely, caffienated coffee bean =) i had coffee today for the first time in two weeks. correction, i had three cups. (who can say no to free refills?)

lost in Your waves
held by Your truth
behold all of You
i wanna get carried away

i finished can you keep a secret? by sophie kinsella. i can't quite remember when the last time i sat down to read was. to immerse myself completely into the shoes of another, laughing when she laughs, slightly embarassed when she realizes that a complete stranger knows her secrets. 200+ some pages in one sitting. and i wonder how easy it'd be. to be honest. to be completely honest, not with just those around us, but with ourselves. with God. and how hard it is to look into the depths of our own hearts, quick to forget that He's been there, seen that, and still loves us the same....

and i've changed the song i'm listening to about 5 times because i keep deleting and wondering what to post and what not to post. what can be seen in this space i can call my own online, and what should stay in this 9x12 sketchbook. and on shuffle comes 24.

there's 24 reasons to admit that i'm wrong. with all my excuses... still 24 strong.

leaving for cornell tomorrow after physics. i wonder if it's the same as before i left for california.


back on saturday.

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