Michelangelo sings: Passion - Famous One

... and surprising enough, i don't think i'm that upset about it. right before i clicked on the little admissions thing, i started to pray... and realized i didn't want to go there. (i mean... i probably wouldn't have skipped my interview if i wanted to go, hehe) and i guess... hmm. i have a much more clear sense of where i want to go now.

but now.. that i am attached to a few colleges in particular... what if i don't get in? :/

oh well. *shakes self* no more worries. He's got it... hehe.. michelangelo just started to sing Your Grace is Enough, by Mr. Christopher Tomlin...... and it doesn't matter where i go, and even if i end up gen-eng-ing it with the other 129073 people i know down at uiuc, thats where i'm supposed to be. and you know, i'm kinda looking forward to the HUUGE library down there (the engineering library was soo pretty) and cow-tipping.

Your grace is enough... for me =)

so today was my first day with michelangelo. and i must say, echoing the sentiments of a fellow cupcake-eater, it's quite refreshing listening to music during passing periods and such. maybe one of these days i'll blog about more what i did, and these other thoughts can stay in my journal..

i felt like eating sushi after i found this picture. taken sometime during winter break of (only!!) half a table of food at on a journey to Todai --

mm.. sushi.

add a thought?
poor fishie..
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