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i wonder if judiciary activism can be applied to the Bible. if we ever twist things and "add" things for our own benefits. for the Word is living....

wow, it's march. in a month, i'll know where i'm going for college...

anyway. just a random thought.

this past weekend was ... hmm. i don't know, pretty undescribable. it felt good to be journeying the whole weekend with Family, whether it was through small groups (alpha, omega, beginning, end, and everything in between) or meeting at jeka's (through the ups and downs... disagreements and rejoicings... prayer, prayer, and more prayer) or goofing around and getting lost and seeing cool license plates from dinner to next mikol's, or through sunday mornings or afternoons...

sigh. lately i havent been able to remember my dreams, until last night, when i had one that was... something that i hope doesnt happen in real life. but this dream sparked faint memories of another one... one i had back in december, one that startled me so that i tried to make it so that this dream would not come true...


sigh. i knew for two months... and i couldnt do enough to prevent it. i'm sorry.

maybe i'll go back to bed and hope for dreamless sleep.

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