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new layout.. simple, plain, focused. all the old comments are "deleted" b/c i used haloscan with my old layout.. but now i'm just sticking with what blogger has to offer - it's easier, haha.

for some reason, the word "focus" popped into my mind tonight. especially after a yearbook deadline.. where it seemed like nothing was going right. pictures were being turned in late, stories left unwritten, proofs nowhere to be found for the index, the server was down... just a slew of messes that resulted in short tempers, impatience, and delirum. and when i got home, i was much in the same mood... a little crabby, a little eager to blame me and kom not finishing the index on the server, on proofs, on my fingers cramping up after typing in some 50+ pages of names & pages into that database editor for the index. and when i went online.. i wrote a mini-cheers and jeers. filled first with jeers > cheers.... but then i had so much more to edit. and each time i edited my away message, i had more cheers - more encouragements, more blessings, more Him in a day that i had so quickly labeled as useless.

and so i stopped. and got out my guitar for the second night in a row... and just spent some time with Him. refocusing my day... my heart. how easy it is to tumble through this life without truly pausing.

so i come into Your chambers... and i dance at Your feet, Lord.

how long has it been since i last stopped.. to dance?

You're so good to me :)

add a thought?
praise God for worship, for focus -- for revealing Himself to you when so many frustrations, deadlines, and indexes and proofs vie for your attention.

hate shane and shane, love your new layout :D and love that song!! (you are still holy)
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