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... i really like this CD. thank you :)

we watched the stars and the cross in the sky
look there, i was astonished

last night, had the urge just to ... run beneath His stars. so even though it was like 8:00 and pitch black... i asked my mom to join me, and we went around the neighborhood with three hoodies and a scarf on. and i usually dont like running - well, i dont like running, haha - but something about saturday night was calming. running under the stars, the same stars that abraham was promised that would the numbers of his descendents made abraham and the old testament and God of many nations before march, 2005 so very real. it was also good just spending time with my mom again, even if she didn't go to PA night.

rest in peace, mr. coffeecup (new addition to family - mr. loveboat). rest in peace, maxie. i love you both very much :/

and i wrote in the air
how i was feeling
you wondered what i had said

days like today remind me of early september of last year. days where we could just forget about what calc problems we had to do, or what colleges we were supposed to go to, or everything and anything else. where we could just enjoy the presence of being enveloped in warm sunshine, blue skies and gentle breezes.

... i really like this song :)

and i think paul is quite confused in romans 9 & 11 o_O

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