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for some reason, tonight feels... different. things are more clear, more precise.. i can almost hear the strings of the worldly junk that was holding me down being cut. i'm feeling quite excited as i put michaelangelo on shuffle, and the very first song he chooses to play is... One Way. i want to stay in this place, in His presence, being comforted through songs that Michaelangelo loves to play like Now That You're Near, Glory, Better than Life, My Best Friend....

... because all of those are so true. then another song came on: glory, by avalon. i still remember when you sang it at a cryicetea and it moved me near tears. and the lyrics...

In the solitary moment of His birth
On this barren dusty land
All of heaven kissed the face of the earth
With a miracle of love
God became a man
But He was sent away to draw His final breath
When He was only thirty-three
And in the shame of dying a criminal's death
He cleansed an angry world
And in His suffering I see..

The glory of the blood
The beauty of the body
That was broken for our forgiveness
The glory of His perfect love
Is the heart of the story
The glory of the blood

... there is glory. and maybe, tonight out of all the other nights, You're letting me catch a glimpse. that through these broken hearts held in trembling hands and prayers being shouted out over the sounds of loud guitars and drums... there You are. right there. right here.

All the majesty in this world cannot compare to the glory
The beauty of the body
That was broken for our forgiveness

and there is such hope in that. and when the events of the world, broken relationships, seemingly endless drama, confusions, misunderstandings, hospital visits, deaths... seem to overwhelm us.. You silenced the world with Your glory.

He was only 33..

For from him and through him and to him are ALL things. To him be the glory forever! Amen. - Romans 11:36

add a thought?
"silenced the world with Your glory"... amen =)
wow sometimes i forget that..only 33..
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