and then it all seemed worthless

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She unconsciously rubbed the edges of the acceptance between her fingers, smoothing out the minute rips and tears of the letter made by opening it with haste. She had grown up with the connotation that all things would be made perfect with an Ivy League school. Yet as she looked around the room, expecting some startling revelation once she found out she would be a Harvard student, a future Harvard graduate, she saw nothing had changed.

The blue NIV bible with her named engraved sat next to her iPod. She fingered the deep scratch in the upper left-hand corner. It remained unseen, until the light reflected off of it in a certain angle. A letter of acceptance from Harvard wouldn't erase that fateful day where the uncut strings of her guitar collided with her bible.

The same wooden frame enclosed a picture of her old worship team. When she used to sing, (and from time to time, feebly attempt to play the guitar) alongside brothers and sisters. Where she felt like belonged there, enveloped forever in the arms of the Father.

And then she remembered her Family. One she had grown up with without the connotation of anything, without expectation, without rank, without GPA, without extracurricular activites or competition. Where she didn't have to worry about what astonishing things she could offer a college, dressing herself up with community service and Advanced Placement classes.

With one last look outside her window before exhaustion took her to sleep. The majestic swirls of the reds and oranges of the setting sun in the sky made her feel hopelessly small in the schema of things... even with an acceptance letter.

Closing her eyes, her thoughts fleeted from her as she sought the comfort of sleep. Daddy... it's all i have. a drawing made with crayola crayons. but You call it beautiful......

add a thought?
your life and your salvation is a drawing the Painter defines as beautiful, and no prestige, university, anything, will ever give that to you, or take it away.
you write so beautifully.
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