when all the world stops

Currently Playing: Kepano Green - Miracle

And then the world stopped, even if it was just for a second. You said I couldn't keep fooling myself. You asked me to stop and rest, but I didn't listen. You provided water, but I knocked over Your table with the little Gatorade cups as I tried to make it through this race on my own.

it's kinda funny how things end up like that. when we stop, and realize that there's nothing around us. there's nothing, yet there's everything in You. and You remain faithful... even when we don't. through brothers and sisters who poured out their love on someone utterly in shock on Friday in the aftermaths of 7:49 am. through the phone calls and the IMs and the emails and the visits... and the coffee and the food =) how different this friday was from the last.... different, yet the same. You're still You.

i've had kepano green on repeat for maybe a week. yet i've replaced weekend to boston with miracle.

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