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I love going to math meets. Not just because I'm a math nerd, love learning about new calculator tricks, and especially the free fruit punch and cookies, but because of the people. My sophomore and junior years, when I couldn't go to church regularly, I'd always look forward to meets.... because we'd play schools such as Naperville North, Downers North and South, Hinsdale South, etc. And I've love seeing people... friends, more than friends, people who I've grown to care for a love in a way I never thought possible.

Thursday was such an experience. I'm not sure if they understoof how much of a blessing it was for me to see them at the meet..... not because I couldn't see them the next friday, but because I could. Because I knew that I'd be seeing them soon.... not in some dinky hallway while listening to crackling Chris Tomlin songs while drinking mocha lattes, but in Your presence with LOUD prayers and praises and soaking in Your water.

And.. this came to me tonight, after I found that I could go to church around 8, but couldn't get a ride. So I wallowed with some chocolate ice cream and Remember the Titans and proceeded to think about how many times I was in a similar situation, stuck at home on a Friday night. Then... the movie ended, and I came back to my room with intentions of posting about how thankful I was for little things like seeing siblings at math meets. And how big of a math dork I am (see previous comments for how dorky math dorks really are :D).

But.... man. I checked my cell phone around 9 and found out that I'd missed three calls... I think I have the coolest friends ever. They offered to come get me, but I told them not to since it was already too late... and by the time someone came and went back, it'd be 9:30. And so I sat, thinking some more about how blessed I was that I had friends to offer to do that... when the doorbell rings. And who else is standing in the doorway but one of the dorkiest brothers I know. Even if I was in sg for only half an hour.... wow.

I'm so utterly thankful for sisters and brothers such as these in my life.... =)

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