Currently Playing: DCB - O Praise Him

There should be an exclamation mark after that song title. O Praise Him!!!!! Okay, many exclamation marks =)

Peeling and poking with my XXs
Late-night conversations
'Wave of Help'
Blue skies
Moses and other biblical names
CML - product rule!!
Seeing Your faithfulness during times of mourning
... and times of joy =)
Kermits and Scarves
Mr. Stephen Daedelus
Mr. Logan
(I'll add more later... math meet time soon!)

Seeing people you know (aka TS, KL, and LC if you went to practices :P) at math meets :D
.... winning math meets :D :D
Posting successive comments on the same labtop while listening to Chris Tomlin and trying to read about hell and damnation o_O
Meeting people that show you the world is a small place indeed
Calculators saying: Overflow
Hillsong during lunch
Fresh air
Starbucks =D

It's been a long, full, tiring, sine-curve-resembling, encouraging, presence filled week. And tomorrow is Friday =)

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