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And one of the many firsts of the weekend - hearing this song. This weekend's been filled with music.... mm. Map through songs:

Fall Out Boy - Where is Your Boy Tonight
David Crowder Band - Deliver Me
Mercyme - All of the Above
Mercyme - The Love of God
Mercyme - Crazy

had falloutboy stuck in my head all day, after it was on repeat in the yearbook office. was amazingly blessed when my mom let me go to youth group, where i was reminded about family. i know i boy-bash a lot, but i guess i'm being constantly pushed to love brothers despite stupidity and denseness :) wait wait.. no more bashing... hmm.. despite... miscommunications? yeah :)

Kepano Green - Weekend in Boston
Mercyme - The Love of God
Audio Adrenaline - This Day
Third Day - Nothing Compares

good conversations along with long naps! found out i could go to church on sunday too :) He's so faithful.

Mercyme - The Love of God
Dashboard Confessional - Sailors and Saints
Dashboard Confessional - Rapid Hope Loss
Hilary Duff - So Yesterday

was a little late to sunday, but it's okay b/c it was for coffee :D wedding excitements!! missed most of the message, but it's okay... nice time of re-bonding and just talking. then it was a weekend in boston market! with their yummy mashed potatoes. then a slew of frustrations, realizations, more frustrations, more realizations, and a glimpse at a bigger picture. He's faithful though.... wow, is He faithful =)

Mercyme - The Love of God
Caedmon's Call - Before There Was Time
Hillsong - All About You
Shane Barnard - Refine Me

long drives in gloomy weather, wendy's "hot drink," and more planning, talking, and healing :) [pictures shall be put them up later]

It's kinda funny how our moods define the music we listen to... from moopy Dashboard, to times of reassurance. Funny, yet oddly comforting that I listened to The Love of God all weekend... no matter if what sort of a mood I'm in. And here, at the end of the weekend... it's Baby Got Book, yes, but with a little bit more wisdom than thursday, a little bit more refine-ment, and a lot of You.

thanks for the weekend :)

above all, love each other deeply... for love covers a multitude of sins. 1 peter 4:8

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