make me an orange!

Currently Playing: Tim Hughes - Jesus You Alone

does it count to be currently playing if i dont have the actual song.... but it's playing in my head?
... we'll say it counts :)

tonight was it. one of those nights where, in years to come, we'll laugh at ourselves. because we were just silly, high school kids. because noone ever heard of making a balloon in the shape of an orange. because it was just like any other night in every way, individual in the small breaths that made this night tonight. and because i'm usually not allowed out on weeknights, it was refreshing. just like the mud.

and when he finally realized that said van was stuck and went inside to find josh, i just sat. with fresh knowledge of how to drive stick, and remembering what happened the last time i sat in a driver's seat. and looking up, at a hazy sky sprinkled with dimming stars.... the lyrics for how great is our God came out.

it's been a long/good night.

anyway. take a look at living water's front lawn. nice lawn decoration, no? =)

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