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WYSE was today. So Durg and I decide to psych some of the kids out while taking our first Math test... and thus resulted in the following convo:

Me: So... what's the pythagorean theorem again? A squared something?
Durga: Oh I don't know... A sqaured plus... C squared? And that's the longer side?
Random girl from Westmont: It's A^2 + B^2 = C^2.
Me and Durga: Hehehehe.
Dan: Nono let's do it the other way. *louder* Do you remember what the fundamental theorem for triple integrals is?
Me: No sorry... I only know theorem for double integrals.
Random guy from NNHS: It's the same thing, just do it again.

Haha... we later find out he's the famous _____ ______. So no surprise there... but nonetheless, funny :D It's things like this that'll I'll remember next year in college while studying triple integrals.....

Then during awards:

Megan: Look at them! *points to two kids playing chess during awards assembly* They're not even listening to the junior.... whatever technical crap stuff. (JETS :D)
Randy: You think that's bad?? At sectionals, one kid was playing chess by himself!

This is why I like science and math =)

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