it's so simple

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It's so simple. How could I not have seen it?

These past two weeks have been unbearably long. Filled with ups and downs and lefts and rights and who knows what we're doing anymore or where we're going.

Saturday, when I was reeling over some silly band, news of a death brought me back crashing into reality. Sunday, the realization of what wonderful sisters I have was overwhelming. Yesterday at school, as I was running to spanish class, I started to sing Indescribable.... and wondered how many kids would/could recognize the song. Yesterday, while I was feeling just... blah about college, school, friendships, relationships, life, death, everything... my loving sisters lifted me up like no other.

All other ground is sinking sand....

And now... here I am, in the middle of my psych notes after a solid hour of Mr. James Joyce, listening to This is Our God on repeat. This is the one... YOU are the one we have waited for. Sometimes I love songs like these because of the utter simplicity. Take out the adjectives, the decorative jargon, words fit only for literature majors, and make it simple: He is who He is. Refuge, Shelter, Father, Healer, Fountain, Lover.... this is our God. After another whirlwind of a day, including .... sigh. It was a first, but it feels weird to say it was encouraging the way You're holding onto this family like no other, comforting them, walking next to them no matter how many breaks they have to take or pauses they need. Because You are You... and You won't leave us to be devoured. Because You're faithful. And it's just as simple as that... I just need to remember.

14 Wait for the LORD ;
be strong and take heart
and wait for the LORD . - Psalm 27

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