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It's hard to remember that we can't earn His love. That we can't do anything, say anything, accomplish anything that would make Him love us any more. I guess it works the other way, too - no matter what we don't do, don't say, He loves us anyway.....

A lot of things have been cluttering my mind lately. This entire week has felt like Icarus himself, flying low and high, and low and high again. Filled with encouragements and blessings - I felt like I could've gone on and on during the meeting Sunday. Filled with... not so encouraging too.

Spanish quiz, Physics test and Tutored today. Finished reading Jemima J today - thinking about making a list of all the books read in 2005. Tomorrow, IML and extra Regionals math team practice after school. Found out that someone can't go to WYSE Regionals this Thursday - have to fill in for math and physics. Tomorrow - psych test, Physics test. That's the school aspect... that, along with worries about everything else.... it's overwhelming. It's more to think about, worry about, be anxious about... and it keeps piling up. You tell me to toss them aside, to fix my eyes on You alone... I'm complaining that it's easier to hide. To slump into the endless whatevers....

There's this man-made pond outside the window of the yearbook office. After the meeting today, I looked out... and saw this kid on the edge of the pond. He hesitated before stepping out on the ice, then kinda ran out, eyes closed and arms up. He slid for about five feet, (because it was ice, of course) then stopped.

Reckless Abandon.

I love how he didn't care that the entire school could've been watching. I love how he slid around that pond, jumping up and down even, caring very little about the possibilities of the ice cracking and him falling into the ice. I love how he acted with such reckless abandon.

What happens when the music fades?
When you can't hear the sound?
Did you ever consider?
Did it ever come to you...?
Do you ever miss...?
When all is stripped away.....

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