where You lead

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What is life?
A thousand roads, a thousand ways
Why am I, so afraid to move..?

It's been hard to sleep lately.

Which is funny, because lately that's all I've been craving... a period of rest, a break from the physics tests and psych definitions. Sunday night, as I tried to sleep, all I could hear in my head was the rumble of what seemed like a thousand voices in raucous symphony. Warnings, fortune cookie advice, mocking laughs, piercing shrills.... some from voices I had heard earlier that day, some from ones that sounded as foreign as my hall locker at school is to me.

There was another voice. Soft - easy to overlook if you weren't looking for it. It was His... His soft, majestic, precious and holy whisper that seemed to transcend the other sounds.


Last night was quite a night. But through it all... You are still You. Your voice still speaks.... and it's about time that those other voices should be muted. I have no idea how to leave them behind.... but I have a feeling that I'm not supposed to. For only You.. are You.

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